MICRO Mobility Belgium is currently in a transition

Micro Mobility Belgium is currently in a transition. The kids scooters and non electric adult scooters are being transferred to The Netherlands. Please visit micro-step.nl to find your preferred scooter.

For all Electric scooters please visit www.micro-mobilty.fr Micro France will serve the Belgian market with emicro scooters and organize support.

Thanks for your confidence!

Team Micro Belgium

We are all Micro!

Micro Mobility was formed by the end of 1999 to help you overcome the "last mile" while having the most fun!
This means a faster transport than walking, a cheaper transport than a car and something more compact than a bike.
The modern scooter was constructed and over the years Micro produced high quality 3 wheeled and 2 wheeled scooters.
Always picturing the use by children, adults, in cities, on cobble stones, in train stations, for 1 kilometer or very long distances.
That's why you can find a wide range of scooters, all adapted to your wishes!
You made the right choice for moving from A to B in an ecological way with our Micro scooters!