Bags & Straps

Like to go on adventures, no matter what comes your way? We've got bags and straps to help you carry your gear (or scooter) with you, wherever you decide to go! (and whatever you decide to take with you).

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Carry Straps

This carry belt by Micro Mobility is perfect to use during your daily commute! If you use your scooter in combination with the train or bus while carrying your phone or a nice hot coffee to go, your scooter might get in the way! Using this belt, clear your hands as you carry the scooter on your shoulder. The carry strap can be used with Micro Sprite, Micro Rocket, Micro Speed and Micro Flex.

Restrap bags & straps

Need a regular and practical eco-friendly backpack? Get a backpack from Restrap that is handmade in the UK using durable materials! Need straps to carry your foldable bike or some small equipment on your bike or scooter? Restrap has it all for you!

Micro Mobility accessories

Micro Mobility has a large choice of different scooter accessories for kids, youth and adults. You can buy bells, lights (flashing or not), carrying straps, baskets, knee and elbow pads, and many more. Buy here before 15h and get your order delivered at home the next day (not valid in the weekends).