Helmets With LED

Bike safely during dark days or at night thanks to our range of helmets with LED lights! We have a nice selection of helmets with integrated or removable LED lights.

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Be seen in the dark

Using an electric scooter is fast, economical, low emission and gets you to know your city better. Belgian street law allows you to ride your emicro up to 25 km/h on the bike lanes and up to to 6 km/h on sidewalks. This combination brings you quickly from A to B avoiding traffic jams. As it is more compact than a folding bike, you will easily take it into your office and find storage for it on public transport so it's theft-safe. You'll find it convenient to hop off earlier from the crowded buses or trams and instead enjoy riding a few more streets. This way, you'll learn about your neighborhood and find nice streets you didn't know about. Last but not least, with just a couple of hours charging at low levels, your energy consumption is much lower than any car, even shared.

Thousand Chapter Range

Engineered for performance, the Chapter Collection integrates elevated utility into your daily riding uniform to always keep you moving forward. Including MIPS technology to add an extra layer of protection against concussions and traumatic brain injury. Ride smoothly from day to night with an included, rechargeable 30 lumen taillight that magnetically attaches to the helmet or multi-use adapter. The premium visors reduce glare and increase your field of vision. Thanks to a secret PopLock, there is a super convenient and secure way to leave your helmet behind. 8 strategically placed vents actively capture airflow and pass it through the interior cooling channels - developed to keep you cool on your long rides. Thousand also offers an ANTI-THEFT GUARANTEE and ACCIDENT REPLACEMENT POLICY.

Nutcase Vio Range

Featuring MIPS technology and 360˚ LED lights lighting up the night has never been so much fun. The front light produces 200 LED lumens of white light and a 65 LED lumen side and rear red and orange light band. The VIO delivers all this with a 3 hour run time is easily charged by USB & can be be seen from over 150 metres away. Literally at it’s core the Vio boasts an exclusive and patented Exo-skeleton technology making the VIO one of the lightest 360° LED helmet in the world. The Nutcase VIO helmet is a perfect fit for both urban and adventure riders alike.