Locks, Bells & Lamps

Always be seen and heard, wherever and whenever you go! With our bells and lights, you will always be noticed when taking your scooter or bike out, during the day- or nighttime! We also have some locks available to make sure your bike or scooter are safely attached when you're not using it.

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Be seen

Cruise the streets of your city in all safety, whether it's the day- or nighttime. With our light tube for adult scooters, you will not go unnoticed in the dark.

Be heard

Make sure if you scoot the streets, others can hear you on your outdoor adventure! Add a bell to your scooter, so you can alert other people on the street and get noticed. For more choice of bells, don't hesitate to check our our children's accessories section.

Micro accessories

Micro Mobility has a large choice of different scooter accessories for kids, youth and adults. You can buy bells, lights (flashing or not), carrying straps, baskets, knee and elbow pads, scootaheadz, and many more. Buy here before 15h and get your order delivered at home the next day (not valid in the weekends).