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Nutcase Helmets are a perfect combination of stylish helmets with great protection for bike riders. Whether you are a commuter, an occasional rider, a leisure rider... the Nutcase range offers the right kind of helmet for each kind of bike rider. We have various sizes and fun prints available on our website.

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On your 9-to-5 commute, ride to date night, a happy hour or just a long ride, the Metroride helmet is the "do-it-all" helmet. With or without MIPS technology.


The new Street collection combines the industry leading safety feature MIPS with all new Nutcase inspiring designs. Featuring an improved retention system to provide a secure comfortable fit and 2x the reflectivity for visibility on the road. 11 redesigned air vents increase the airflow to keep your brain cool and there are lots of new designs so there sure is one out there for you.


Featuring MIPS technology and 360˚ LED lights, lighting up the night has never been so much fun. The front light produces 200 LED lumens of white light and a 65 LED lumen side and rear red and orange light band. The VIO delivers all this with a 3 hour run time is easily charged by USB & can be be seen from over 150 metres away. Literally at its core, the Vio boasts an exclusive and patented Exo-skeleton technology making the VIO one of the lightest 360° LED helmet in the world. The Nutcase VIO helmet is a perfect fit for both urban and adventure riders alike.