Accessorize means personnalize! Micro has a great range of accessories in different types and colours to costumize your scooter! Make the scooter more fun or safer by adding lights and a bright bell during your commute. A unique and safe scooter, that's how you own your urban mobility lifestyle! The range exists of:

  • USB LED lights
  • Scooter bells
  • Carry strap
  • Scooter lock
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    14 Items

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    Be seen and heard!

    Dark mornings and evenings require higher visibility if you are strolling the streets! Using a scooter can be fun but make sure to respect other people on the sidewalk and warn them while passing them. Using a Micro scooter means great quality and safety and going faster than most people on the sidewalk, you can make yourself visible and make noise to pass others. We offer a great range of lights, locks and bells in different cool colours.

    4 year warranty on our Micro scooters

    Faults are human and even in high quality production, manufacturing defects can occur. We offer 4 year warranty in these defects and other wear and tear parts can be ordered here online. Other LED wheels and fun colourful handgrips are available to customize and color up your scooter.

    Excellent service and next-day delivery

    Using a scooter can be fun but choosing the right one, looking for a small spare-part or if you need anything at all, Micro Mobility Belgium looks after you! You can contact us during the week and we insist on quick delivery on working days. Order today before 3pm and you will be able to spice up your scooter the next working day!