Micro Mobility has a wide range of adult scooters. They are lightweigt, foldbale, compact and highly resistant.

  • Micro urban scooters: Lightweight and strong scooters for flat surfaces.
  • Micro flex scooters: Get more comfort thanks to the fibreglass flex boards.
  • Micro suspension scooters: Soar above the street surface with our full suspension scooters.
  • 3-wheel Kickboards: carve the streets with our lean-and steer system.
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    Why choose an adult scooter?

    Micro Adult scooters are a perfect tool to cover short distances (from 100m to a couple of km). It's a big timesaver as you'll go up to 5 times faster than the average walking pace. The big advantage in Belgium is that scooters (also electric) are legal on sidewalks up to 6km/h. Which means you'll cover the main distance on the faster bike lanes, but end your commute on your scooter until right in front of your destination. Finally, the average weight of the (non-electric) kick scooter will not exceed 5kg, which makes it easy to carry into your home, office etc. Last but not least, estimated at about 80-100 kcal/hour, it is a perfect workout, yet with a low level of body stress

    Which Adult scooter fits me?

    The range goes from strong lightweight basic models to more comfortable models with suspension. If you mainly stay on flat surfaces, our lower platforms without suspension are fast, reactive and easy to handle. The more the surfaces get rough, you will be wanting more comfort, either with the flex boards, or even with a full suspension. And yes, our kids' 2 wheel scooters are strong, up to 100kg riders. So you can ride a Micro Sprite as an adult. But you'll want more footspace on the board and will benefit of the comfort of larger wheels!

    about Micro Scooters

    Founded in Kuesnacht, Switzerland, Micro Mobility developped the idea of a lightweight folding scooter as an ideal tool for short distances. As a market leader, it kept improving the production quality of the scooters, with high end bearings, resistant folding systems and a broad range in which every type of rider will find its perfect match.