Micro Flex

With Micro Flex scooters you make the best choice for a comfortable, yet lightweight ride! The Micro Flex scooters have large wheels and a fibreglass flex deck.

  • Age: +12y
  • Max loading weight: 100 Kg
  • Weight: 4,7 Kg
  • Wheels: High quality PU for in- and outdoor use, non marking on floors
  • Handlebar: adjustable from 73-102 cm
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    Why choose a Micro Flex scooter?

    With its larger and comfortable platform, Micro Flex scooters are a perfect combination of lightweight handling yet suitable to go on rough surfaces. The fibreglass deck, initially developped for skateboards, absorbs bumps and reduces vibration when you ride. It is in the middle of the comfort line, between the urban scooter (rigid platform) and the most comfy Micro Suspension scooter at the other end.

    About Micro Scooters

    Micro Mobility's goal is to deliver Swiss quality with cutting edge technology to keep improving and innovating a green and urban lifestyle. Micro Mobility developped the idea of a lightweight folding scooter as an ideal ecological solution for short distances. Micro Flex scooters are all foldable. When you don't ride it, you fold it away and you just carry 4 to 5 kg which also makes it easy to store anywhere during transport, in your workplace or at home. As a market leader, Micro kept improving the production quality of its scooters, with high end bearings, resistant folding systems and a broad range in which every type of rider will find its perfect match. Micro Scooters are found around the world in more than 80 countries.

    Spare parts for your Micro Flex scooter?

    You need to replace a part of your Flex scooter or any other Micro Mobility adult scooter? Enjoy 4 years of warranty! As official distributor in Belgium we keep all the spare parts available for you, big and small. Our Micro warranty doesn't cover wear and tear yet it covers all the manufacturing defects. Luckily, we have gentle prices for the parts like brakes, wheels and grips that after many years of using your scooter, need to be freshened up or you can even choose these spare parts to customize your Micro.