Micro Luggage

The Micro Luggage is your perfect companion for travelling. The scooter and trolley in one makes it possible to go around airports and big train stations in a fast way. You won't ever miss a flight again! You can easily fold the scooter into a practical small trolley so it is even allowed in most airplanes as hand luggage.

The scooter and backpack Micro Kickpack makes you gain time over short distances. Easily folded and transported you will be able to maneuver around in a fun and fast way. The backpack of this Micro scooter has many small compartments and is big enough to arrange items for a short trip.

  • Age: +12y
  • Max loading weight: 100 kg
  • Weight: 6 kg
  • Steering: a patented "lean-and-steer" system, wich means you don't have to turn the handle bar, but you bend it sideways using your body balance!
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    Micro Luggage

    This innovative scooter by Micro Mobility allows you to transform your trolley into a scooter and pass walking people. This way you can avoid some boring distances during your trip and pass other commuters in a fun and speedy way. The high quality PU wheels allow indoor use without marking the floors which means you can even ride into the plane with it! However, it's advised to fold the scooter into a small luggage and store it away inside the airplane cabins.

    Micro Kickpack

    Another creative scooter by Micro Mobility is the Kickpack which isn't only a scooter and a trolley, it's also a medium sized backpack. You can detach the backpack from the scooter and use it as such. Easily foldable and transported into a trolley or backpack or scooter, you can use it from the minute you leave your house, take the bus, hop on the train and use it as hand luggage boarding a flight. It has a large storage space and a practical one, thanks to different compartments small items in no time and there's even a safety pocket for your tablet or smartphone.

    Buying a scooter and trolley in once?

    Do you love traveling in an ecological and fun way? Travel a lot for your work? Then a Micro Luggage will take you around trainstations and allows you to transport all your items without losing time carrying around a heave luggage. It also doesn't make a lot of noise carring your trolley from one place to another, you can use the scooter and surf the sidewalks instead! Micro Mobility wants to creaty urban mobility for anyone, this 3 wheeled scooter can be adjusted in height so starting from 12 years old, you can travel in style!