Micro Suspension

Micro Suspension is our most comfortable and biggest adult scooter. With front and rear suspension, you will float above the street and rough surfaces dissapear. The deck is made from aluminium which makes sure the scooter is still light in weight. This comfy adult scooter is foldable and comes with a performant rear brake.

  • Age: +12y
  • Max loading weight: 100 Kg
  • Weight: 6,1Kg
  • Wheels: High quality PU for in- and outdoor use, non marking on floors
  • Handlebar: Adjustable from 74-96 cm
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    Why choose a Micro Suspension scooter?

    Living in Belgium, you'll find many different road surfaces during the same trip. This is where a Suspension scooter comes in: absorbing rough and bumpy roads, the adult scooter makes the rider feel comfortable and the roads seem smooth. You can fold the Micro Suspension and store it in small places. The suspension system, a piston and spring below the rear deck make the suspension very comfy. The high platform and T-bar make the scooter a perfect fit for tall users.

    No compromises on our quality

    Fun as they are to use, Micro Mobility scooters are not toys. They are mobility solutions, meant for riding every day to overcome distances in an ecological way. For more than 20 years, Micro improved and declined its first foldable scooter into a large range for any age or any type of riding. Micro is original, and its quality makes riders smile from point A to point B.

    Repairing your adult Suspension scooter?

    Before we repair your scooter, Micro Mobility Belgium offers a wide range of spare parts suited to fix any Micro scooter if needed. Luckily, we have a 4 years warranty. If you need to repair parts of your scooter, we stock up all bolts and axles up to many years after your purchase and we also have wear and tear parts available to be ordered and delivered in one day.