Baby & Toddler

Learning balance starts from 1 year old with Micro Mobility! Kids love to learn and play with these scooters and running bikes that come in different fun colours:

  • 3-Wheel scooters: Scooters with a removable seat that can be used as a running bike as well.
  • Running bikes: These stand-out colourful running bikes will make training wheels unnecessary while learning to ride a bike
  • Baby helmets: these cute helmets will protect your little one's head while scooting
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    A scooter for babies and toddlers?

    Many of the Micro Mobility scooters are 3-wheeled scooters that work by the lean-and-steer mechanism invented by the brand. To ride the scooter, you should move your body sideways to give directions. This highly innovative system also implemented in the Mini 3in1and the Mini 2Go enables the development of balance and coordination. For young toddlers, you can change the scooter into a running bike or a seat so they can rest after some walking practice.

    A scooter or a running bike? That's the question.

    The choice between a Mini Micro sit-on scooter or a running bike depends on the type of use for your child. If you like making long walks in a parc or going to school, a running bike will make the journey less long. To make small walks during shopping or going around the block, a Mini Micro 3in1 or Mini 2Go is the way to go. What is also important to take account, is the recommended age, this can differ however from child to child and is an indication of the usage. Whichever you choose, both a Mini Micro with seat and a running bike facilitates children in learning how to ride a bike even without training wheels.

  • Mini Micro 3in1 with seat and guidance stick: 18 months to 5 years old
  • Mini 2go with seat and guidance stick: 18 months to 5 years
  • Running Bike Micro G-bike: from 2 to 5 years
  • Would you like to buy a scooter or a running bike?

    If you like to buy a scooter, a sit-on scooter or a running bike for babies or toddlers, you came to the right place here at Micro Mobility. The Swiss brand offers a wide range of urban mobility to make journeys more fun and only pick high quality parts to make the products durable. Micro Mobility Belgium ensure the durability in offering a service after sales to help you whenever you need. We also ensure quick delivery, if you order before 3pm your child will be ready to scoot the next day!