Cool accessories to personalize your Micro scooter and to keep your rides safe. You love your scooter, and you want to make it unique. Add colorful bells & whistles to it and anyone will see it's yours! Look also for:

  • Kids helmets
  • USB rechargeable lights
  • Scooter bells
  • Scootaheadz
  • And many more to pimp your scooter...
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    23 Items

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    Scoot’n Pull

    The nice coloured straps from Scoot'n Pull will make your life easier. The straps offer you many functionalities:

  • You can use it to pull your kids' scooter when he/she's tired, attach the strap to the T-bar to pull the scooter
  • You can also use it for safety and avoid that your kid is riding too fast (especially at busy road crossings), attach the strap to the backof the scooter in that case.
  • Last but not least : fix the strap on one side to the T-bar, on the other side to the rear of the scooter (around the brake), and use it as as shoulder strap to carry the scooter.
  • Baskets and Ribbons

    Kids love to personalise their stuff, they love gadgets. Personalisation of scooters is also useful for school kids as there might be other kids at school with the same scooter. Kids will love the ribbons to add a personal touch to the T-bar (fixed in the grips) or the many colourful baskets where the teddy or biscuit can be stored away.

    Accessories Micro

    Micro Mobility has a large choice of different scooter accessories for kids, youth and adults. You can buy bells, lights (flashing or not), carrying straps, baskets, knee and elbow pads, scootaheadz, and many more. Buy here before 15h and get your order delivered at home the next day (not valid in the weekends)