MINI add-ons

Cool accessories to personalize your Micro scooter and to keep your rides safe. You love your scooter, and you want to make it unique. Add colorful bells & whistles to it and anyone will see it's yours! Look also for:

  • Kids helmets
  • USB rechargeable lights
  • Scooter bells
  • Scootaheadz
  • And many more to pimp your scooter...
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    Do you want to complete your Mini Micro 3in1 or 2Go scooter?

    Micro Mobility offers several add-ons to complete your little one's scooter, such as a small trailer or even LED wheels for more fun! We also have a whole range of accessories and helmets to be able to personalize your child's look even more, as well as to guarantee their safety on the scooter.

    Do you want to buy Mini Micro spare parts?

    Micro offers a 4-year warranty on manufacturing faults! Already own a Mini Micro scooter? Or have you just “inherited” a scooter from a family member and it needs a little repair? All spare parts (down to the smallest screw) are in stock and available in Belgium! For manufacturing defects, Micro offers a 4-year warranty. Wear parts (wheels, handles and brakes) are sold at cost price and can be delivered quickly from our warehouse. You can order them on this site under the "Spare Parts" section.

    Buy Micro Mobility products

    At Micro Mobility Belgium we supply the latest Micro products in all possible colors and by ordering online with us you get a fair price for a quality product. Place your order before 3pm and it will still be dispatched the same day (working days only)!