MINI 2GO - Baby Ride On

The Micro Mini 2Go is a ride-on scooter of 3 wheels that grows with the child to be turned into a regular children's scooter. The seat makes the ride comfortable for your toddler and the storage room makes it ideal for parents to carry toys and other small things on the road. The seat can be removed, which allows the Mini 2Go to evolve alongside fast-growing children and all their outdoor or even indoor adventures.

  • Age: from 18 months to 5 years old
  • Length of the adjustable t-bar: 43 to 59 cm
  • Parental push-bar
  • Scooter's weight: 1,9 to 3,6 Kg
  • Lean-and-steer mechanism
  • Indoor and outdoor usage: PU wheels that don't leave marks
  • Rain-cover: Mini 2Go Canopy offers a rain shield
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    A scooter for even the smallest children

    Starting from the age of 18 months, Micro Mobility offers a scooter for the youngest adventurous kids who are getting tired easily from all that walking and looking around. Thanks to high quality PU wheels the silent scooter can even be used indoors without leaving any marks on the floor. Having to use their own body weight to give direction to the scooter by leaning to the right or left, they learn about their balance and coordination capacities quickly and in a fun way. The small storage box is there for your child's stuffed animal and the small light included with the scooter can be stored away here.

    Strolling during rain with theMicro Mini2Go Canopy

    The Mini 2Go Canopy has the same comfort and grow-along advantages of the Mini 2Go but offers an amazing feature that will protect your child from sunshine or from some rain. A shield is easily attached to and removed from the scooter. This makes outdoor playing possible which is perfect given changeable Belgian weather conditions!

    Buying Micro Mobility's Mini2Go

    At Micro Mobility Belgium we provide the latest Micro products in all possible colours and ordering online with us, you are granted a fair price for a quality product. Order your scooter today before 3pm and you can stroll your child around town tomorrow!