MINI 3IN1 - Scooter for Toddler

The 3in1 scooter Mini Micro changes with every step your toddler takes. At first it can be used with a comfortable seat and can be gently pushed forward thanks to the attachable push-bar. Growing and growing, your child can walk faster and faster and by removing the seat, the Mini 3in1 will become a scooter that helps toddlers follow their parents pace even better. Thanks to the lean-and-steer mechanism they will quickly be able to control their body movements and maintain their stability while having the most fun.

  • Age: 1 to 5 years old
  • Maximum weight: 20 kg (on seat) – 35 kg
  • Patented lean-and-steer mechanism
  • Indoor and outdoor use: Quality PU wheels, non-marking, for in- and outdoor
  • Adjustable T-bar in height: 51 cm to 68 cm
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    Unique ride-on scooter by Micro Mobility

    Thanks to the creative invention, children learn to balance their body in a fun way by using the 3-wheeled scooter with the unique steering system. The seat can be easily attached to the T-bar with the new Deluxe Push Bar system. The push bar allows parents to assist their children when they get a bit tired of all that scooting around. Attach the seat, the foot rests and the push bar and you're ready to go out for a nice walk once again.

    Long-term warranty by Micro Mobility

    The Swiss brand ensures quality scooters and only chooses the best parts to build their scooters. In case a small part is missing or you need some help repairing your scooter, at Micro Mobility Belgium it is our goal to repair your scooter. The scooters are granted a 4 year warranty plus we also have spare parts that remain available for your scooter for at least 10 years after your purchase.

    Buying Micro Mobility's Mini 3in1

    At Micro Mobility Belgium we provide the latest Micro products in all possible colours and ordering online with us, you are granted a fair price for a quality product. Order your scooter today before 3pm and your child will already be enjoying it tomorrow!