A great start of the summer with new Micro scooters!

Hopefully everyone survived the lockdown in the best way possible inside the comfort of their own home. We were delighted to see so many pictures on our Instagram of all those kids entertaining themselves on their scooter. It was the perfect way to get out of the house, or even to have fun scooting indoors, yes our 3-wheeled scooters don’t leave marks.

Our stock is running low, but not to worry a new delivery will be in soon! In less than a week we will receive lots of new scooters and accessories by Micro Mobility.

We wish you all the best summer, stay safe & keep on scooting!

Maxi Micro Deluxe Pro in 3 new colours

This new version of the Maxi Micro Deluxe in Rose, Grey/Green and Grey/Aqua is adapted with a new wide handlebar and fat wheels.

The bigger wheels on the scooter give more stability for your kid and a highly sufficient brake. The wide handlebar brings in a more natural feeling to get hold of the handlebar. The letters on the deck add grip so you won’t slide off while scooting.

A 3-wheeled scooter by Micro uses the lean-and-steer mechanism in which you lean sideways and use your body weight to give direction to the scooter. Using this steering mechanism improves balance and motor skills even more.

Maxi Deluxe Pro in pink and grey/blue and grey/green will be available soon

Maxi Micro Deluxe Pro

The classic aluminium Sprite scooter now with extra sparkle.

LED-wheels at the front and rear give the classic Micro scooter that little extra something. This Micro model continues to prove its worth: lightweight, practical & foldable. Micro Sprite LED also arrives in 2 colours: Forest Green en Ocean Blue.

Did you know a Micro Sprite can suffer a weight up to 100kg? So as a parent, you can bring your kid to school and scoot back on the Micro Sprite. The compact size and light weight makes it small enough to not take up too much space in the house or car going on holidays.

Micro Sprite LED in Ocean Blue and Forest Green will be available soon

Micro Sprite LED

Get a better grip on your scooter with the new Micro Scootersaurus gloves.

Micro's fingerless scooter gloves with a dinosaur design are suitable for ages 3-10 and feature padded palms for increased comfort and protection. The gloves provide the perfect fit enabling your child to get a good grip on their scooter's handlebars. Machine washable (30 degree) and weatherproof.

Find your Micro gloves here

Like scooting as much as ballsport? Then get the Micro Ballnet!

Get this ballnet fit for your Micro scooter and you can scoot safely without having to hold a sports ball in one hand. All standard ball sizes (4, 5 and 6) fit into the net that you can easily attach to all Micro scooters (except the Micro Freestyle range) with the supplied Multi Mount Clips.

Get your ballnet soon