Make Christmas as cozy and fun as possible!

We will have to get through the winter this year with less family visits, but don't forget that there are different ways to have a good time with the kids! Scooting can also be done indoors, without having to wipe for hours to remove strokes. The 3-wheel scooters from Micro Mobility for the little ones and the bigger kids leave no marks in the house. A perfect gift for under the tree!

Wishlist: a light balance bike

With a balance bike, a child can master his balance from the age of 2 while it is experienced as playing for them. The latest Micro balance bike is super easy to drive thanks to its super light weight. The pneumatic tires and suspension on the rear wheel give the kids a lot of comfort and good grip for cruising the street during the holidays. This sturdy balance bike is available in blue or red.

A small gift will ensure a big smile!

Looking for inspiration for someone who already has a scooter? Then find the best gift ideas here! There are lots of fun accessories available for less than 20 euros. Find gift inspiration here and find a nice bell, reflective stickers and rainbow ribbons that bring fun over and over again during scooters.

Santa Claus has something in store for adults too!

Having trouble following your children or grandchildren on the scooter? At Micro you can find a variety of quality scooters that are perfect for adults. Choose a scooter that is super compact or one with the most suspension for a super comfy scooter experience.

We wish everyone a healthy winter period and a happy end of year!