The ECO scooters from Micro are here, what a great start to a new season!
We are so excited to introduce the Micro ECO series! Let's kick off a wonderful spring by doing our part to fight global warming. And that just as we see nature blossoming again all around us.

Mini & Maxi ECO
About 10% of plastic waste in our oceans comes from fishing. The platform of the Mini and Maxi Micro Deluxe ECO is made from recycled tools, ropes and other plastic waste from the maritime industry. The product still has the same advantages and features as the other Mini & Maxi scooters: it promotes balance and motor skills, the handlebar can be adjusted to the size of the child and the non-slip deck provides additional safety to the scooter.

1% for the Planet - membership
More ECO News! Micro ECO is now part of 1% For the Planet which means that Micro will donate 1% of the annual sales of the eco range to NGOs and non-profit organizations working to help restore the environment. 1% for the Planet is a global organization that inspires companies and individuals to support climate non-profit organizations by donating a part of their sales to these causes. Let's work together to build a better future for everyone! ForthePlanet


The all-time favorite of parents can now be folded: Mini Micro Foldable
Mini Micro now comes in a super-compact edition. You can fold the Mini Micro by simply pressing the mechanism with 1 hand. The foldable Mini is available in Ocean Blue and Ruby Pink. Very convenient for taking the scooter home when the kids go to school!

Beginners can also jump, spin, scoot backwards and do 180s.
If your heart almost beats out of your chest every time the kids do tricks with their regular scooter, maybe it's time to buy a Micro stunt scooter. Micro Ramp is a lightweight and robust scooter, ideal for those trying out their first tricks at the skate park.

Light up in the dark and scoot safely
Micro Metropolitan is a perfect all-rounder for (young) adults. It has LED lights, front suspension, a wide handlebar and large wheels. A stylish and practical scooter every day!

Trendy, light, manoeuvrable, fast and that even for bigger scooters.
Are scooters usually a bit low for you? The curved retro handlebar of the Speed Clay can be adjusted to a height of 103cm and combined with a long platform, this scooter is a perfect everyday companion especially for taller people.