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Hooray! Saint Nicholas is back in town!

Be inspired by the ultimate wish-list by Micro Belgium.
The perfect presents to ask for in your letter to Saint-Nicholas.

Order before Friday the
26th of November to be absolutely sure the presents can be delivered in time! 

Micro Mobility - Fun & Sporty 

Great gift for toddlers (+18m)

Start improving balance from the age of 18 months old! Cruise inside the house or remove the wheels of the Micro Air Hopper and jump around.

Bounce and ride - Twice the fun!

Get your Micro Air Hopper Here

A balance bike to improve... balance! (>2 yrs)

Learn how to control balance in a easy & fun way. Kids who used a balance bike in their early years, often don't need training wheels!

Ready? Steady... bike!

Micro Balance Bikes
Balance Bike Micro

The smoothest 3-wheel scooters (2-12 yrs)

Going to school turns into a fun activity with a Micro scooter. Mini & Maxi Micro scooters improve motor skills & quickly scooting becomes a way of life. 

Surfing the Sidewalk

Mini Micro (2-5)
Maxi Micro (5-12)

Scooters for Stunting (>5yrs)

These 2-wheel scooters are specially made for those starting to freestyle and trying out their first tricks. It's non-foldable, making it perfectly safe to jump with. Looking for a foldable scooter? Take a look here

Perfect for future pro's!

Buy a Stunt Scooter

Nobody likes scratched knees & elbows!

Want to really make high jumps without any worries? Check out these knee and elbow protection sets that can easily be attached and taken off! 
Knee & Elbow Protection

Speedy & Safe - Micro Rocket (>10yrs)

Scoot as fast as you want, with a Micro Rocket you can do it safely. With its large wheels and a large brake, you can easily scoot on rougher pavement. 

Take off like a Rocket!

Get a Micro Rocket
Micro Rocket
Full range of Micro Mobility