Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle All the Way!

Get an original christmas gift here, whether it's a quality e-scooter or a fun scooter accessory!

We Wish You a Merry X-Mas, We Wish You a Merry X-Mas!

Looking for a Christmas gift for someone who cannot leave the side of its Micro scooter? You can find small christmas gifts here at Micro Mobility! During winter months, we don't get a lot of daylight, this is great for hanging out with a movie, but scooting from work and to school, this might be dangerous! Make sure you are seen on the streets with this classic black LED light! Super easy to carry around and it fits any scooter and bike! So you can switch from putting it on your kick scooter to using it as a bike light. If you know someone who is getting tired from taking their scooter anywhere they go, this carry strap fits most of the Micro teens and adult scooters! This makes your hands free to carry that cappuccino-to-go!

Oh Baby, It's Cold Outside!

What a fun time it is, families are gathering and friends are meeting on New Year's Eve! Have you thought about taking a scooter to your destination to meet friends? You can take the train or bus and bring your small scooter with you anywhere you go. Some great adult scooters that look cool and are super comfortable, are the Micro Suspension scooters. They have suspension in the front and back and any surface becomes smooth with this strong scooter! If you are looking for something more lightweight, you better go for a Micro Flex! The light-as-a-feather scooter is easy to carry and as you can even fold the handles, it's a perfectly small scooter! The flexible platform will make you bounce the streets and smoothen the surfaces! Did you know that scooting speed lies at around 15 km/h while walking is around 3,5 km/hour, scooting with a kick scooter is about 5 times faster than walking! Those walking distances in the cold winter months can be done within minutes with a Micro scooter!

Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Had a Very Shiny Nose!

Looking for a gift for an animal loving kid? Get one of the Scootaheadz, such as this beautiful unicorn that improves little children's fantasy. Kids imagine the scooter to be their companion, whether they turn it into a pink horse, blue shark or green dinosaur, fun is guaranteed!

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