As we are all forced to stay home for the moment, mostly with the whole family, many of us are looking for some great ideas to keep our kids and teens busy.
Even some parents, who get nervous because they have to stay home, are looking for some outdoor activities.

Of course, it is important to have a structured day, with schedules and fixed working hours.
But sports and outdoor activities in the garden, public parc or in the forest to keep your condition at a good level are also essential, certainly now.
Besides, Mother Nature is very generous for the moment: the sun will be shining bright for the next days!

So: there’s no better time to take out your Micro scooter, or to buy one if you don’t have any.

Our web shop is open 24h a day, 7 days a week. You can choose to have your order delivered at home, or to pick it up at our Zoev Store in Tervuren.

Here are some nice suggestions:

The Mini Micro 2GO and Mini Micro 3-in-1:
Both 3-wheel scooters fit for the youngest kids (as from 18 months) because they have a little seat to start with.
These scooters can also be used inside the house, because their PU-wheels are noiseless and won’t leave black marks on the floor.

The running bike G-Bike
is incredibly lightweight (only 2,45kg!) which will makes it super easy for your child to learn to ride a bike.
This balance bike can also be used inside the house, watch out for unsteady drivers!/p>

For adults and teens
looking for the perfect way to de-stress and work out in a fun way,
Micro offers a great range of scooters in different sizes and colors:
✔ the Maxi Micro, a 3 wheel scooter for ages 5 to 12
✔ many different freestyle scooters
scooters for teenagers with large platform and cool design
adult scooters with large wheels
✔ and even e-scooters for those who enjoy speedy rides!

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, you can send an email to or call us at +32 2 445 54 85.
Take care of yourself and your loved ones! Let's flatten the curve together!