Fun accessories to personnalise your scooter and essential accessories to make your ride safe; find them here at Micro Mobility Belgium. The range of accessories for the Micro scooters is one you'll never stop taking a look at. Many little start-ups and mother-entrepreneurs make that collection so lively, they develop cool-looking and must-have accessories. Look at our selection of gadgets for children scooters:

  • Helmets to be safe
  • LED wheels to be seen
  • Bells to be heard
  • Scootaheadz to look funny
  • And many more scooter accessories for children
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    1. Micro Helmet Flamingo M (52-56 cm)
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    Be seen, Be safe, be heard!

    Get your children safe on the road! With Micro helmets and elbow and knee protectors, you can get the most fun out of your scooter and have a secure experience. You can be loudly heard anywhere needed thanks to colourful bells that can be easily attached to any scooter bar. With a colourful animal head by Scootaheadz, fun LED-wheels or a cool rainbow light and ribbons, you will definetely stand out! A customized scooter is the way to go!