Sparrow youth e-scooter (+ 12 y)

Extended mobility is not just for adults. If you want to cover longer distances and enjoy the fun of "pushing the throttle" then the Sparrow is made for you. Inspired from our stunt scooters, they are a strong electric scooter for kids.Charge it for about 3 hours and enjoy 9 km of pure fun.LAst but not least, connect it to our cool Micro Mobility App (IOS and Android) and watch your distance, speed, google map position and even the CO2 you've saved!

  • Age: +12y
  • Maximum load: 100 Kg
  • Engine: 100 W with thumb throttle
  • Top speed: 18 Km/h
  • Range: 9 Km
  • Bluetooth: Yes (connection to Micro App)
  • Weight: 5,5 Kg
  • Folding: No
  • Wheels: Front 150mm Rear 100mm
  • Handlebar: Fixed at 87 cm
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    Why choose a Micro Sparrow XL electric scooter?

    Built as strong as a stunt scooter, we found it the best way to bring an e-scooter for kids. We want it to last on longer trips, and maximise the protection of the lithium-ion battery and the electronic components. With 5,5 kg it is one of the lightest e-scooters around. It reaches up to 18 km/h top and has an easy-to-use thumb throttle. And did you know you can even ride your Sparrow XL without assistance as a normal scooter, to save your battery capacity for later outdoor adventures?

    About the Micro app

    Download the free Micro app via iOS or Android, and get your Micro Sparrow XL connected via bluetooth. With the app you can set the riding mode (thumb throttle or hybrid mode, pedestrian, eco , sport etc...) You can also see battery status, trip distance, speed and even the amount of CO2 saved! Check google maps with your instant location and a route record. Last but not least: the app will help you diagnosing the battery and electric components.

    Are you looking for a good value electric scooter? Go for Swiss quality!

    Micro sparrow XL is built with most attention to durability, by using only high-end components. Enjoy a 2 year waranty on your electric kids scooter. The Micro scooters are presented in Belgium by us exclusively. We stock the parts and make sure you get a decent after sales service.