Maxi Micro scooter (5 - 12y)

The Maxi Micro offers everything the kids appreciated in their Mini Micro, but then built for older children. Extremely stable, it steers by the same unique lean-and-steer principle. The larger board gives more comfort, and the strong construction, together with the 2 big front wheels and double rear wheels offer a great performance. It comes in a variety of cool colors for school kids. They won't go anywhere without their Micro scooter!

  • Age: 5-12y
  • Max loading weight: 70 Kg
  • Lightweight: 2,5 Kg
  • Lean-and-steer: this recognized system, works in that way that you don't need to turn the handle bar, but bend it sideways. Your body balance gives direction and makes it safe and fun cruising the streets!
  • Wheels: High quality PU for in- and outdoor use, non marking on floors
  • Handlebar: from 69-92 cm
  • Range: discover our many colors and cool metallised t-bars
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    1. Maxi Micro Deluxe LED Berry Red Foldable
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    Choosing a Maxi Micro, foldable or not

    The Maxi Micro is the logical next step after the Mini Micro. Maxi Micro is especially designed for taller kids and therefore slightly more heavy and robust than the Mini Micro. This Maxi scooter uses the same unique lean-and-steer system and children can surf the sidewalks by using their body weight but remaining stability thanks to the cool-looking T-bar which is even adjustable in height. We offer foldable and non-foldable Maxi scooters. You can easily store away any Maxi Micro by removing the T-bar from the platform. If you want to be even quicker, you can fold your foldable Maxi Micro by one hand pull. On our non-foldable Maxi Micro models, you can always remove the T-bar in one click, when traveling or for storage.

    Quality features by Micro Mobility

    In the late 90s Micro Mobility was founded with the goal to improve fun and safe mobility that lasts for years. The Maxi Micro Deluxe has grip on the deck which secures your control over the scooter and this robust high quality platform is built to carry even teens up to 70 kg. With a lightweight of 2.5 kg, the scooter is easy to manoeuver and the 3 wheel scooter with soft edges, makes it perfect for any kid. The heat resistant brake, offers even more security and a safe feeling for parents with adventurous children.

    Reparing your Maxi scooter?

    Need to replace a small part of your Maxi Micro? Enjoy 4 years of warranty! As official distributor in Belgium we offer the smallest and biggest spare parts. You are covered for manufacturing defects, not wear and tear. Grips, brakes and wheels can be bought separately and even as a cool customized accessory. They are easy to replace and we offer quick delivery. If you need help, our after-sales is here ready to happily help you find the missing piece you're looking for.