Micro Kickboards (+12 y)

Surf the streets with Micro Kickboards! The unique leen-and steer system, well known from the mini Micro and Maxi Micro is applied here on larger boards. Discover the fun of carving on those comfortable , stable scooters.

  • Age: +12y
  • Max loading weight: 100 Kg
  • Weight: 4-5 Kg
  • Steering: a patented "lean-and-steer" system, wich means you don't turn the handle bar, but you bend it left or right. Your body balance does the rest and you'll enjoy the fun of cruising the streets!
  • Wheels: High quality PU for in- and outdoor use, non marking on floors
  • Handlebar: T-bar and joystick in one box with adjustable height
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    Micro Kickboard: T-bar or joystick?

    Back in 1998, the first K2 Kickboard was shown at ISPO in Munich. It has been a great success since. Taken over by Micro, the model was declined in the Original, the Compact and the Monster Kickboard. Initially it was only controlled with a joystick, as you don't need to turn the handlebar. It is even possible to ride it one-handed and carry some bag in your other hand. Since it always maintains its stability thanks to the 3 wheels, it is the perfect companion for events where you cover some distance during the day. Today you can choose to mount a handlebar with 2 grips on it for even more control over your stability. It's all included in the box!

    Micro Scooters with 2 or 3 wheels?

    At Micro we tend to say it is not a matter of age but a matter of experience you want. Are you fond of carving and body steering, like on your surfboard or snowboard, then go for the 3 wheelers. We have one for every age, starting from Mini Micro, over Maxi Micro and finally the Kickboards to keep surfing! When you're more comfortable with the classic way of steering (like a bicycle handlebar), Micro 2 wheel scooters like Cruiser, Sprite, Speed+ or our large range of adult urban scooters are the ones you want. The big advantage here is the lightweight and compactness when folded away.

    Spare parts for your Micro Kickboard

    Enjoy 4 years of warranty on your Micro Kickboard. We cover construction defaults that long, and if you need to replace some "wear and tear" part, like your brake, the handle grips or the wheels, you can buy them any time. This means you can enjoy your Kickboard for many many years! We make them last a lifetime.