Mini Micro scooter (2 - 5y)

The Mini Micro is the best 3-wheeled scooter around for 2-5 year olds. Extremely stable, it steers via the unique lean-and-steer principle. Kids find out after a few kicks that it is very fun to steer with their body. Doing so, they develop their balance skills from the earliest stage. The award-winning 3 wheeled scooter is a must-have for pre-schoolers and small kids that gives children the smoothest ride. It comes in a variety of fresh feel-good colors and soft materials. From now on, your kids will be begging to go for a walk!

  • Age: 2-5 y (3 wheel scooter)
  • Max loading weight: 50 kg
  • Ultra light: less than 2 kg
  • Patented steering system: Changing your body from one side to another, you steer your scooter in the right direction.
  • Wheels: High quality PU for in- and outdoor use, non marking on floors
  • Handlebar: from 49-67 cm on Deluxe Models, fixed at 67 cm on classics
  • Range: discover our many colors and cool metalised t-bars
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    A scooter starting from 2 years old

    Micro Mobility's Mini scooter has become an iconic product and a perfect sports toy to learn balance while improving movement and coordination even for the smallest ones. With its silent wheels, strong bearings, and many improvements over the past 10 years, the Mini Micro was many times copied but never bettered. Micro Mobility offers a stable and soft ride, perfect even for those who are still perfecting their walk.

    Deluxe in Mini Micro Deluxe

    Changeable in height, the metallised T-bar makes the scooter even more fun with the matching colour of the platform and are safe in use, only parents can change it thanks to a safety lock. Being adjustable in height, makes it easy to store the scooter, fit your kids height perfectly and can grow with them. The firm glass-fiber platform creates a lightweight scooter while allowing a weight of 35 kg. Soft materials and rounded cornes of the deck ensures a safe and comfortable ride. This solid scooter has been elected multiple times by children and their parents as 'Toy of the Year'.

    Looking for Mini Micro spare parts?

    You already have a Mini scooter of Micro Mobility or you just received it from from another family member? As official Belgian distributor of Micro Mobility we offer our spare parts online and make sure we can repair your kids favourite toy. The 4-year warranty covers defects in production, excluding wear and tear parts. Need to replace handgrips, a brake or the wheels? We offer them all and even in different colours to keep your kids scooter enjoyable for many years.