Rocket & Speed+ (+10 y)

When kids start using their scooter for longer daily rides, they will want more comfort and larger wheels and platforms. Speed+ and Rocket are developped with this in mind, without the weight of the adult scooter. They're made for teens. Micro Speed and Rocket are easily foldable, aluminum made and come in trendy colours. All with kickstand and folding handgrips.

  • Age: +10y
  • Maximum load: 100 Kg
  • Ultra light: 3,75 Kg (Speed+), 3,85 Kg (Rocket)
  • Folding: Yes, one pull ultra strong folding block
  • Micro Speed wheels: 145 mm with shock absorbing axle
  • Micro Rocket wheels: Unique micro "fatties" that give a better grip on rough surfaces, and has a wider brake surface for more brake efficiency
  • Height-adjustable handlebar: yes
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    Why Choose a Micro Rocket Scooter?

    This scooter with superb colors and extra-large wheels does not go unnoticed. The 120 mm PU “fat-wheels” offer better grip on the road, even on bumpy surfaces. It also offers more stability on descents. In addition, wide wheels slow down wear related to braking because the pressure is better distributed over the entire width of the wheel. And for large teenage feet the platform is particularly wide. Also the look of the grip-tape has been worked to appeal to young "riders".

    Why choose a Micro Speed+ scooter?

    The Speed+ perfectly meets the demand of the young (or not so young) speed lover. The shock absorbers integrated into the hub of the 145mm PU wheels make you "glide" very smoothly on any surface! Its beautiful line and superb colors make it one of the favorite models of young people and adults. The platform, with a width of 13 cm, is perfectly adapted to larger feet and allows a more comfortable position while driving.

    Do you want to buy a scooter for teenagers? Go for Swiss quality!

    If you want to buy a scooter for a young person or teenager, you have knocked on the right door at Micro Mobility. Here you will find a wide range of 2 or 3 wheel models of Swiss quality with a timeless design. All our aluminum scooters can withstand a weight of 100 kg and have height-adjustable handlebars. They are also all equipped with the patented folding system which facilitates carrying or storage. There are also very practical carrying straps or bags, for sale on this site. In addition, the ergonomic handles will avoid being bothered by unevenness in the road and the tips of the rubber handles will protect the handlebars and the hands in the event of a fall. All Micro 2-wheel aluminum scooters are equipped with a kickstand, which makes it easy to park them. The warranty on the Micro Speed​​+ and the Micro Rocket is 4 years. Do you need a spare part or a small repair? At Micro Belgium we have a stock of all spare parts for all models. Please note that the warranty covers all parts except common wear parts: handles, wheels and brakes can be purchased at low cost and easily replaced. You don't part with a Micro, you repair it.