Rocket & Speed+ (+10 y)

When kids start using their scooter for longer daily rides, they will want more comfort and larger wheels and platforms. Speed+ and Rocket are developped with this in mind, without the weight of the adult scooter. They're made for teens. Micro Speed and Rocket are easily foldable, aluminum made and come in trendy colours. All with kickstand and folding handgrips.

  • Age: +10y
  • Maximum load: 100 Kg
  • Ultra light: 3,75 Kg (Speed+), 3,85 Kg (Rocket)
  • Folding: Yes, one pull ultra strong folding block
  • Micro Speed wheels: 145 mm with shock absorbing axle
  • Micro Rocket wheels: Unique micro "fatties" that give a better grip on rough surfaces, and has a wider brake surface for more brake efficiency
  • Height-adjustable handlebar: yes
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    8 Items

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    Why choose a Micro Rocket scooter?

    With it's typical fat wheels, the rocket has a better grip on softer surfaces. Small potholes can be easily taken, and the brake performance is better due to the broader surface and larger brake.The platform is bigger and with 13cm width, larger feet will find their space on it! And last but not least, the cool and dynamic looks will impress more than one!

    Why choose a Micro Speed+ scooter?

    It has the performance of an adult scooter, with larger wheels and shock absorbing wheels, with the compact and lightweight design of our kids 2 wheelers. Whit it's broader platform (13cm) Micro Speed+ is made for larger feet, and the higher T-bar makes it "growth-proof"

    Are you looking for a good value teenage scooter? Go for swiss quality!

    Our teenage scooters are built for up to 100 kg load. We use lightweight strong materials, the best components and keep improving our scooters. Enjoy 4 years of warranty on your Micro Speed+ or Micro Rocket! Need small or big repairs? As official distributor in Belgium we want your kids favourite scooter to be easily and quickly repaired. We offer colourful handles, brakes and wheels so that even after many years of using it, you can keep your Micro scooter fresh looking.