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Discover our offer of e-scooters meeting high quality standard. Micro Mobility offers electric scooters that aren't too heavy to scoot around in a comfortable way from one part of town to the complete other side. You can easily set the maximum speed to adapt to the law on electric scooters. Until 6 km/h you can scoot on the sidewalk. Like to go faster? Until 25 km/h you can scoot on the bike lane. Get the most fun out of urban mobility!

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Why should I buy an electric scooter?

It is fast, economical, low emission and gets you to know your city better. Belgian street law allows you to ride your emicro up to 25 km/h on the bike lanes and up to to 6 km/h on sidewalks. This combination brings you quickly from A to B avoiding traffic jams. As it is more compact than a folding bike, you will easily take it into your office and find storage for it on public transport so it's theft-safe. You'll find it convenient to hop off earlier from the crowded busses or trams and instead enjoy riding a few more streets. This way, you'll learn about your neighborhood and find nice streets you didn't know about. Last but not least, with just a couple of hours charging at low levels, your energy consumption is much lower than any car, even shared.

Micro scooters vs shared scooters

We're quite happy to see our dream being realized, in which so many people enjoy the fun and experience the efficient mobility on scooters. However, we're convinced that owning your own scooter is cheaper, safer and better for the environment. If you use a shared scooter 30 mins per day, you'll end up paying more than 1000 euro/year which is the maximum cost of your own e-scooter. If you use your own electric scooter daily, you know it better and ride it more safely and the adjustable handlebar lets you allow your scooter to fit your height. We highly recommend to wear a helmet, which creates safety and is simply more practical to do with your own scooter. Last but not least: rental scooters last about 2 weeks up to maximum a few months. If you ride yours 3 years or more and take care of it, you're acting in a more durable way for our environment.

The Micro quality

Micro Mobility began the production of electric scooters back in 2015. The EMicro One was a very innovative and creative solution for urban mobility! Micro kept updating their e-scooter and not long after the first innovation, other models followed, always improving and keeping the user in mind. Adding suspension and a display makes our latest e-scooters even more comfortable and user friendly. High-quality production mixed with an excellent after-sales service is what the Swiss brand is all about and what we in Belgium care about deeply. Getting chosen as a partner for e-scooters by premium brands such as BMW, makes it obvious that Micro Mobility prefers quality, service and durability over mass quantity.