Discover our offer of e-scooters meeting high quality standard. Micro Mobility offers electric scooters that aren't too heavy to scoot around in a comfortable way from one part of town to the complete other side. You can easily set the maximum speed to adapt to the law on electric scooters. Until 6 km/h you can scoot on the sidewalk. Like to go faster? Until 25 km/h you can scoot on the bike lane. Get the most fun out of urban mobility!

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Why should I buy an electric scooter?

It is fast, economical, low emission and gets you to know your city better. Belgian street law allows you to ride your emicro up to 25 km/h on the bike lanes and up to to 6 km/h on sidewalks. This combination brings you quickly from A to B avoiding traffic jams. As it is more compact than a folding bike, you will easily take it into your office and find storage for it on public transport so it's theft-safe. You'll find it convenient to hop off earlier from the crowded buses or trams and instead enjoy riding a few more streets. This way, you'll learn about your neighborhood and find nice streets you didn't know about. Last but not least, with just a couple of hours charging at low levels, your energy consumption is much lower than any car, even shared.

Micro Explorer

The Micro Explorer is Micro's sixth-generation electric scooter. The Micro Explorer was built to be the most long lasting e-scooter on the market. Apart from durability, the Micro Explorer has impressive specs. The motor has a power of up to 500W and reaches speeds up to 25km/h (street-legal limitation for Belgium). The scooter has a maximum range of 25km and can be charged in just 3.5 hours. The Explorer features a twist grip for more intuitive, accurate and fun riding. For more comfort, the Explorer has a front and rear suspension that can be adjusted according to the rider's weight and preferences. This e-scooter has four different riding modes: you choose your maximum speed to create a safe scooting experience. The Micro App can be connected via Bluetooth to the Explorer. Compared to our other Micro e-scooters, the Micro Explorer has a larger deck and wider handlebar, but it remains a perfect scooter to combine with public transport. Thanks to its light weight (13kg), foldable handles, telescopic T-bar and intuitive foot-folding mechanism, the scooter can be folded easily to jump on the bus, tram etc.

Micro Condor II

Micro Condor II has some impressive features. The motor has a power of up to 550W and a speed of 25km/h (legal limitation in Belgium). The scooter has a range of 25 km and is fully charged again in just 3.5 hours. The battery is easy to change, making longer distances no problem for this electric scooter. The large solid rubber tyres with foam core, the non-slip footboard and the ergonomically designed thumb throttle ensure a unique driving comfort. This scooter has four different settings for driving use: pedestrian (260W, 6km/h), eco (320W, 14km/h), standard (430W, 16km/h) and sport (550W, 25km h). You choose your maximum speed so that safe riding is guaranteed per user. The Micro App can be connected to the Condor II via Bluetooth. The disc brake on the front wheel, in turn, guarantees perfect braking action and thus maximum safety. For good visibility in the dark, the Micro Condor II is equipped with homologated front and rear lights. The scooter is also equipped with a handbrake, an integrated bell and a smartphone holder on the handlebar. The scooter can be easily stored and transported thanks to the foldable handles and an intuitive folding system.