emicro one X2

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    The active and sporty speedster

  • Motion control (kick assistance)

  • Battery: Samsung Lithium-polymer - 36V - 2,2Ah - 82Wh

  • Age: ideal for youngsters and active people (+16, max 100kg))

  • Weight: 7,5kg

  • Range: 10-15 km

  • Charging Time: 60 minutes

  • Dimensions: unfolded 780 x 490 x 995mm, folded 780 x 490 x 250mm

  • Handlebar height: Adjustable (725 - 995mm)

  • Wheel size: 150mm (front) - 120mm (rear)

  • Speed settings: Eco (15km/h) - Standard(25km/h, 250 Watt) - Sport (25km/h - 500 Watt)

  • Warranty: 1 year (battery and motor) - 4 years (spare parts)



 Integrated Hub Motor

    Designed in Switzerland, the brushless DC motor is custom-fitted inside the back wheel hub. Due to its small size and resultant high rotation speed the motor can produce enormous power of 500 watts and register torque of 4 newton meter.

 Assistance Switch


 Motion Control

  Besides cutting the motor when braking, the brake can be used to switch the electric motor off completely. Tap the brake lever three times in succession and the motion control sensor is deactivated. To reactivate the motion control sensor, tap the brake lever three times again.   The innovative and patented motion control algorithm, researched and developed in Switzerland, is unique to the emicro. Riders start and control speed through body movement and use the brake to stop. This allows the emicro to be 'cable free' and also reduces battery consumption. 

 Speed Settings


Slope Support

  With the Setting Tool the user can switch wirelessly between three individual pre-programmed speed settings. The Setting Tool communicates with the onboard computer through magnet induction technology.    Slope support is a technology feature of the motion control algorithm that ensures high power and torque when riding uphill. The sensors detect a slope and increase power and torque to compensate. 

 Communication Display



  Four discrete LEDs built into the deck show the speed setting the rider has chosen and how much charge is left.    Weighing only 7.5kg, the emicro one is the most lightweight and compact electric scooter in the world. The use of high quality aluminum results in an ultralight, ultra strong scooter that can be quickly and easily folded for carrying or storage. 

 Auto On/Off


 Regenerative Braking

  Integrated sensors detect the movement of the emicro and turn it on. After some seconds of inactivity, the emicro falls automatically in sleeping mode to save energy.    In addition to physical braking by friction, the emicro one also uses regenerative braking. This not only charges your battery but also results in a much shorter braking distance. 

 Dual Core Wheel


 Fast Charging

  The dual core front wheel is a world first in scooters, soft on the inside and hard on the outside. The soft core absorbs shocks much better than normal PU wheels, while the hard outer shell has an extended lifetime compared to traditional rubber wheels.    The battery of the emicro is fully charged in one hour. Patented battery management technologies and cell balancing algorithms lead to an excellent battery lifetime of 1000+ charging cycles.