Microlino is ready for production


Microlino is klaar voor productie #1Microlino : prête pour la production en série #2Microlino : prête pour la production en série #3Microlino : prête pour la production en série #4Microlino : prête pour la production en série #6

The modern electric re-interpretation of the 1950's BMW Isetta is ready for production. The nice electric 'egg' is available from €12.000.

After a first appearance on the Geneva car show in 2016, we didn't hear much about the Microlino. But behind the scenes, the Swiss designers of Micro Mobility Systems were looking for a technical partner to launch the Microlino in Europe. The first prototype was made in China, but the final production is in the hands of the Italian Tazzari. The car, inspired on the 1950's BMW Isetta, has an electric engine of 15kW (20HP) and 110Nm. This engine gives the car a top speed of 90 km/h and a 5 second sprint from 0-50 km/h. The client chooses between two batteries: 8 or 14,4 kWh, which gives him a range of 120 or 215 kilometers. The Microlino's interior accommodates 2 passengers sitting in the front next to each other. The back of the car has a volume of 300 liter. In spring 2018, the first cars should be on the road.

Source: www.autogids.be


22-24 februari

Mobility of the future

From 22 to 24 February 2018 Brussels Kart Expo will be transformed into the mobility salon of the future where the mobility of tomorrow can be experienced in all its facets. The summit, called Mobility of the Future, includes an exhibition, a conference and a hackathon. 

Three items form the theme throughout the entire spectacle:

- Urban Mobility and design
- Smart and sustainable mobility
- Connected and autonomous vehicles

During the expo, both startups and established companies in mobility will present their innovative solutions to the general public. The focus is on interactivity, in order visitors both see and experience how the future mobility takes shape. There is also a test track with electric cars, scooters, hoverboards and other technological highlights. 

For more information: www.mobilityofthefuture.be 

18-21 januari

#WeAreMobility by Febiac

Mobility is an issue that concerns everyone. The mobility of people and goods, in any form, is nowadays an important challenge which keeps on evolving.

FEBIAC, de Federation of car and two-wheel industry in Belgium and Luxemburg, has decided to focus this large proportion of his efforts on the first edition of the expo.

#WeAreMobility is a new platform on which every visitor will be introduced to the current and new mobility solutions on the basis of concrete experience and will be held 18-21 January 2018 in Brussels Expo.



La BMW Isetta fait son retour dans une version 100% électrique: le Microlino


#WeAreMobility: la mobilité douce à l’honneur au Salon de l’Auto