Micro BMW City Scooter

✔ low ergonomic platform
✔ big wheels (200mm)
✔ inque BMW design
✔ comfort on smooth roads

In stock in Belgium

This Micro BMW City scooter is a perfect combo between speed, comfort & design. This scooter with big wheels is perfect for those who want to move in a smart and eco friendly way and meet friends, go to work or shop in a fun way. The cool design, including BMW logo and colours, and the comfortable scooting manner makes a nice riding experience!

The scooter is comparable to the Micro Black & White, it has big wheels in qualative PU and a wide and firm platform. The Micro BMW City comes with a nice handlebar that gives more comfort & style!

Did you know this low platform on the scooter creates a good scooting posture? Perfect to keep your back straight! This is a perfect scooter for those looking for a compact and lightweight scooter with a unique design!

More Information
weight scooter 4 - 5 kg
number of wheels 2
color Black
max. weight (user) 100 kg
wheel size front mm 200mm
wheel size rear mm 200mm
Age 16+ y
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