Micro Kickpack Black

✔ Scooter, trolley & backpack in 1
✔ Many compartments
✔ Enough space: 26L
✔ Lighten the weight on your back

In stock in Belgium

The world's most versatile backpack & scooter!

The Micro Kickpack is a very practical and diverse scooter by Micro! It's not only a scooter but also a backpack! Carry your books, multimedia items and other gadgets in this backpack with a volume of 26L. You can choose to use it as a trolley as well to relief some of that weight on your back. The Kickpack also has many reflective parts which makes it even safer for scooting in the dark!

You can wear it on your back, use it as a trolley or simply use it as a scooter.

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