Micro Merlin X4 electric scooter adults 

✔ max speed: 25 km/h, range: 25km
✔ double suspension: front & rear
✔ front & rear LED lights
✔ speed & comfort
✔ cruise control & speed limits possible
✔ full tyres
✔ regenerative brake
✔ after sales services in Belgium

In stock in Belgium

The electric scooter Micro Merlin is adapted to our Belgian roads. Thanks to front and rear suspension, it smooths over all kinds of surfaces. The height of the scooter can be adapted to ensure an ergonomic and safe posture. You can even choose a maximum speed to create a safe scooting experience.
You can recharge the battery in a regular houseplug and after 3 hours your scooter is fully charged and can reach a distance of 25km. The powerful 500W motor in the front wheel pushes people at easy over big hills. Downhill the Merlin can brake while recharging the battery thanks to a regenerative brake.
The display shows you your current speed, the distance traveled and the outdoor temperature. The quality full tyres don't need a lot of maintenance. What are you waiting for? It's the perfect scooter for your daily commute! You can even test drive it in our showroom in Tervuren.

Is this scooter legal in Belgium? Yes. With a maximum speed of 25km/h it is accepted on the Belgian roads. You will need to act as a biker when going over the speed of 6 km/h. If you maintain this speed or go slower, you are allowed on the sidewalk.

Do you need to have an insurance ?: Yes, most of the familiy insurances include this but you can always check for an extra mobility insurance from your insurance company.

It is not advised to use this scooter in rainy conditions.

More Information
foldable Yes
integrated light Yes
handlebar adjustable Yes
max. weight (user) 100 kg
weight scooter 10 - 11 kg
max. range 25 km
max speed 25
accelerator type Handle accelerator
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