Micro Mini 2Go Deluxe Plus Blue


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This is the NEWEST version of the Mini 2go Blue: the Deluxe Plus version with push bar and little light.

The Mini 2Go is the latest clever innovation from Micro for kids 1 ½ to 5 years of age. The removable storage drawer means that favourite snacks and treasures are always close at hand. The original lean-and-steer mechanism promotes motor skills and the exercise of balance. When the seat is no longer required, it can be easily removed and the Mini 2go is transformed into the a Mini Micro but with an adjustable T-Bar.

The Mini Micro is low-to-the-ground and large enough for two feet, making it easy for riders to hop on and off or to switch from pushing to simply enjoying the ride. Highest-quality non-marking polyurethane wheels ensure a wonderfully smooth quiet ride (even inside the house). This Deluxe Plus version offers a driving rod and has a little light mounted inside the box for increased fun.

  • Stage 1: Age 1 1/2 – start out with the ride-on seat with removable storage drawer

  • Stage 2: Age 2 – convert to a low-handled stand-on by removing the seat and drawer from the base

  • Stage 3: Age 3+ – extend the adjustable T-Bar as your child grows!

    • Ride-on with push bar

    • Ages: starting from 18 months – 5

    • Max Weight: 20 kg(seat)/35 kg (platform)

    • T-bar height: 43 – 59 cm from ground (adjustable).

    • Seat Height: 26 cm from the floor.

    • Seat Width: 15cm at centre. Saddle covered with padded foam.

    • Length/Width of standing deck: 30 cm long x 11.5 cm wide.

    • Front Wheels: PU 120 mm diameter, spread 20 cm apart for stability.

    • Back Wheel: PU 80 mm diameter.

    • Handle bar: 25 cm across, covered with thick, soft and durable rubber grips.

    • Weight of Scooter: 1.9 – 3.6 kg.

    • little light mounted inside the box (also possible to fit on T-bar)

    For the safety of use, the child must be able to touch the ground with the whole of their feet.

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