Micro Mini 2go Deluxe Plus Mint


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Discover the NEWEST Mini 2Go Deluxe Plus in soft mint. You'll love this kids' ride-on!

The mini 2go is an innovative little scooter with a storage box for childrens' treasures and picnic. It is the latest innovation from the Swiss Micro Mobility brand. Starting at 18 months, this little scooter will make your child mobile from the youngest age up to the age of 5. Control takes place by means of weight transfer. The lean-and-steer mechanism makes it easy for your kid to steer; it is perfect to promote motor skills and exercise balance. The scooter can be used in three versions: with or without the drawer and when the seat is no longer required, it can be easily removed and the mini 2go is transformed into a Mini Micro with an adjustable handlebar.

The Mini Micro is low-to-the-ground making it easy for riders to hop on and off or to switch from pushing to simply enjoying the ride. The fibre-glass reinforced deck and rear brake provide an extra measure of security. The new Deluxe Plus version includes a driving rod - so you can take control when necessary. When not in use, the rod can simply be stored in the drawer. Also nice: a little light is mounted in the drawer. This light can be taken out and used as a riding light. Also, the high quality non-marking wheels will make it perfect as a toy inside the house.

Built for years of fun and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • Stage 1: Age 1 1/2 – start out with the ride-on seat with removable storage drawer

  • Stage 2: Age 2 – convert to a low-handled stand-on by removing the seat and drawer from the base

  • Stage 3: Age 3+ – extend the adjustable T-Bar as your child grows!

  • Includes a driving rod (can be stored in the box)

  • Light is mounted inside the box (can also be mounted on the steer)

  • Ages: starting from 18 months – 5

  • Max Load: 20 kg

  • T-bar height: 43 – 59 cm from ground (adjustable).

  • Seat Height: 26 cm from the floor.

  • Seat Width: 15cm at centre. Saddle covered with padded foam.

  • Length/Width of standing deck: 30 cm long x 11.5 cm wide.

  • Front Wheels: PU 120 mm diameter, spread 20 cm apart for stability.

  • Back Wheel: PU 80 mm diameter.

  • Handle bar: 25 cm across, covered with thick, soft and durable rubber grips in matching colour.

  • Precision Bearings.

  • Weight of Scooter: 1.9 – 3.6 kg.

The child must be able to touch the ground with the whole of their feet at the same time, otherwise they will not have proper control and braking could be dangerous.