Micro Monster Kickboard Volcano Grey

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The Micro Monster Kickboard Volcano Grey combines all strengths of the Micro Mobility brand: stability, comfortability, solid, light, foldable and a joy to ride! This scooter adds extra wide wheels for impeccable balance, impressive speed and incredible grip. Because of this, maneuvring and turning is no big deal. The wood and fibreglass deck will absorb the shock of uneven surfaces so you can experience the smoothest possible ride. A plastic strip is added at the bottom of the brake to counteract overheating. Simply collapse the scooter for easy transportation and storage. Mix up your scooting experience by switching from the traditional t-bar handle to the joystick handle for scooting that's more like surfing.

Micro Monster Kickboard Volcano Grey

  • Color: Volcano Grey

  • Weight: 5kg

  • Capacity: 100kg

  • Size Wheels: 120mm / 100mm

  • Material wheels: PU-wheels

  • Height T-bar: Adjustable