Micro MX Core XL

✔ 120mm metal core wheels
✔ Wide handlebar
✔ Large deck
✔ Biggest freestyle scooter

In stock in Belgium

The freestyle scooter for the advanced and experienced stunter!

The Micro Core XL is super robust without weighing a ton more! This cool sunt scooter is perfect for the experienced freestyler. It has a wide handlebar and the biggest of all the stunt scooters. You can find the quality in this scooter in the 120 mm wheels that have a metal core, a robust handlebar and a SCS compression system. The scooter can turn 360° in just seconds and maintaining a light weight, you can jump high! The scooter is secured by a quality steel brake. Thanks to long warranty and use of quality parts, this scooter is durable in use.

More Information
weight scooter 4 - 5 kg
number of wheels 2
color Black
max. weight (user) 100 kg
wheel size front mm 110mm
wheel size rear mm 110mm
Age 12+ y
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