Micro One X2 electric scooter adults 

✔ max. speed: 25 km/h
✔ range: 12km
✔ lightweight e-scooter: 7,5 kg
✔ foldable
✔ fast and compact
✔ charged in 1 hour
✔ full and wide tyres
✔ regenerative braking system
✔ service-after-sales in Belgium

In stock in Belgium
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If you're looking for some fast and sporty way to go in to town, the Emicro One is perfect for you!

The motion-speed supports your speed and by a small movement in your body, you can manage the scooter's electric support. The EMicro one is very light considering it's an electric scooter and folded you will find it quite compact. Thanks to a powerful motor of 500W, it also shows great performance in strength and speed!

The EMicro will pleasently surprise your daily commute! You can choose how sporty you scoot with it and even during bad weather, you can easily fold it and take it in the back of your car or from one train to another bus. It's a perfect scooter for a greener lifestyle.

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