Micro Scooter Peg Sunshine Yellow

✔ Hang your Micro scooter!
✔ Tidy your hallway
✔ Easy fixation on different walls
✔ Can even be used outdoors

In stock in Belgium

Getting a clean hallway is super easy with this yellow Scooterpeg!

Picture this: playing outdoors with your mates and their scooters and then going back in the house for a hot coco! But oops, all their scooters are lying in the hallway with the rest of the toys. Get your scooterpeg now and easily sort your kids' favourite scooters by hanging them against the wall and not leaving them on the floor.

Scooterpegs are made from light but quality materials to use indoor or outdoors. They can even be used for brick walls! Each peg comes with a fixation system and screws.

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