Discover the quality of MICRO scooters: what makes the difference?







CONCEPT: innovation & design


PRODUCTION: durable materials and smart assembly


QUALITY CONTROL: 100% verification

'Always on the move to improve!' Every product is carefully designed and engineered from the very beginning. This makes it possible to produce efficiently and qualitatively.

Also, all our products are carefully tested before being launched. We work with the highest international standards for testing our scooters (TÜV, Intertek, SGS).

Continuous optimalization makes it possible to improve our products year after year. Combined with creativity this allows us to bring innovative products on the market. New products in which we believe they can help encourage soft mobility in our cities. So will very soon the e-Micro, the unique electric scooter from Micro, be offered on the Belgian market. Follow us to know more about in the coming months


The choice of raw materials for making the Micro parts is done with the utmost care. Micro differentiates itself from other producers by always choosing for the best raw materials.

At the same time we also give importance to the selection of products that are nontoxic and leave the smallest possible negative footprint on our planet.

The assembly of the Micro products is done with the utmost care. Like a car, the various components are assembled together with screws. This assembly method requires a lot of manual precision work and has the advantage that - if necessary - spare parts can be repaced quickly. 

Finally, all of this provides highly durable products that are passed from child to child.


100% of the products which come out of the assembly are subjected to a number of simple, but essential tests. 

Our products are delivered without defencies and our return degree is therefore extra little. You can choose in full confidence for the original brand! 

All our scooters have a serial number, which allows to determine for every scooter from which production cycle the product was delivered. And, if necessary, be able to adjust quickly.

"Although other scooter builders around the world keep trying to make scooters like ours, we've never tried to make scooters like theirs."