Scooter Micro Monster Kickboard Volcano Grey T-bar/Stick

✔ surfing feel
✔ steering height can be changed
✔ highly efficient brake
✔ flexible deck

In stock in Belgium

Micro Kickboards originate from 1999 and were the first Micro scooters invented! Micro Monster Kickboard has 3 wheels & a flexible deck which makes scooting super smooth and even more fun! The stability these three wheels give, make scooting possible with only a knob as a steering companion. Now you can choose to change it to a T-bar that gives a different riding experience! It's like a skateboard, but with more stability!

With its extra wide wheels that offer great grip, this grey kickboard is the favourite among teenagers and adults. The wheels are especially fit for descending on steep slopes. The large metal brake is highly efficient beacuse of the bigger wheel surface.

In comparison to the 2-wheeled scooters, you use your body weight to direct the scooter in the right direction. Another fun advantage is that it will never fall down since you can leave the Kickboard anywhere and it will stand right up. The surfing feel of it, makes it a cool companion on your commute to school! You can choose to use one hand and have another free to carry your school books!

More Information
ean 7640108563361
foldable Yes
weight scooter 5 - 6.5 kg
handlebar adjustable Yes
number of wheels 3
color Silver/Grey
max. weight (user) 100 kg
wheel size front mm 120mm (fat)
wheel size rear mm 120mm (fat)
Age 12+ y
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