Micro Mobility is the only brand worldwide that makes spare parts widely available. One of our commitments, as Belgian distributor is to have all parts in our local warehouse. Have a look at the subcategories per model and find the most common spare part in this web store. You can also download a full Micro spare parts catalogue and contact us with the part number. Wear and tear parts, such as grips, wheels, brakes and the smaller nuts and bolts are payable, but Micro will cover the warranty during 4 years if your scooter shows a construction default

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Are some spare parts under warranty?

Yes, construction defaults will be covered by Micro Mobility Belgium up to 4 years after your puchase (keep your proof of purchase). Please know that wear and tear parts, such as grips, brakes, wheels and small bolts and nuts are not covered by warranty, but you can buy them at affordable prices here and keep your scooter in top condition for many years.

Can I find spare parts for any Micro Scooter?

Yes, also for older scooters. We keep parts during at least 10 years. So, if you have an older scooter, you can still keep it running, and probably someone happy with it!

about Micro Scooters

Founded in Kuesnacht, Switzerland, Micro Mobility developped the idea of a lightweight folding scooter as an ideal tool for short distances. As a market leader, it kept improving the production quality of the scooters, with high end bearings, resistant folding systems and a broad range in which every type of rider will find its perfect match.