Speed+ Mint (145 mm Shock abs wheel)

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The name's the game for a fast but smooth ride

Unobtrusive, but still an eye-catcher, the micro scooter speed+ is equipped with shock-absorbing wheels - and a very special extra feature. The ball bearings are embedded in silicone, achieving a mild shok absorbing effect and, consequently, contributing to a smooth ride - even on rough surfaces. The unique look of the micro scooter speed+ is rounded off by its cool designs. This aluminium scooter is your perfect companion on the way to school or when enjoying some leisure time.

  • age: 7+

  • color: mint

  • rider weight: 100 kg

  • handlebar height 60-90 cm

  • deck: aluminum

  • deck length 34 cm

  • deck width: 12,5 cm

  • weight: 3.7 kg

  • wheels: PU 87A high rebound cast urethane wheels

  • wheel diameter: 145mm

  • wheels bearings: ABEC 5

  • brake: metal rear wheel brake

NOTE: This product is not guaranteed for use for tricks and aggressive use

Special: tribal design and new patented shock dampening system to ease the ride on the feet.

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