Designed by riders for riders, these simple and ultra strong models will appeal to all kind of users. From the novice to the experienced rider, each one will be able to develop his or her own riding style. The classic black and white designs will make you look cool while doing tricks and jumps around the skatepark.

  • Age: +10y
  • Deck: max 100 kg load
  • Weight: 4,0 Kg
  • Wheels: 110 mm, high quality PU
  • Handlebar: one piece bar, quadruple clamp
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    Why choose a Micro Crossneck or Micro MX Core?

    Lightweight, great looking, the Micro Crossneck and MX Core is the ride of many Micro Xtreme team riders. It has many advanced features such as SCS compression system that holds the fork and the bar together without any play. A BMX headset with bigger bearings that allow a smoother and faster rotation of the bar. The 110 mm metal core wheels, made out of aluminum, can resist to any kind of jump. And last but not least, the flex fender brake is not on an axle, but is a thin sheet of steel that bends on the wheel. Simple, unbreakable and efficient to control your speed.

    What about warranty on stunt scooters?

    Micro freestyle scooters are build to be strong. The number of moving parts is reduced to the minimum and all scooters are tested intensively. Still, it is normal that when you do intensive tricks with your Micro MX Core or Micro Crossneck, wheels, brakes and grips will have to be replaced more often than on city scooters. Those parts are never covered by warranty. If some structural fault occurs, Micro will cover the repair costs. Inadequate use or extreme "grinding" traces which compromise the structure of the scooter are also not covered. Know that your scooter is strong, but the concrete of the skatepark is still stronger. We have spare parts available for you to choose or personalize your stunt scooter!