MX Core XL Pro

This is the XL version of MX Core. With its substantial dimensions, it will satisfy larger sized riders of all types. It has a sleek look, boasts high performance and is built to maximize quality and strength.

  • Age: +12y
  • Deck: max 100 kg load
  • Weight: 4,6 Kg
  • Wheels: 120 mm, high quality PU
  • Handlebar: one piece bar, quadruple clamp, height 85 cm
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    Why choose a Micro Core XL?

    Stand out in the skate park and on the street with the MX Core XL! Its large size is made for large riders and intensive tricks. Micro Core XL has many advanced features such as SCS compression system that avoids any play possible between the fork and the bar. The 120 mm wheels have a metal core and are made out of aluminum in stead of normal plastic so it can better resist any kind of jump and are perfect for a tall child or an adult scooter. Last but not least, the flex brake works without axle and bolt, suited for freestyle. This one piece steel brake is unbreakable and controls your speed perfectly.

    What about warranty on stunt scooters?

    Micro stunt scooters are build to be strong and resistant. At Micro Mobility we want to make durable scooters that can be used daily and on many adventures and in many skate park. In the case of our freestyle scooters, the many small parts like bolts and axles are reduced to a minimum and the scooter have been tested numerous times. Of course the wheels, brakes and grips can be impacted with daily use of the scooter. Luckily, at Micro we keep our spare parts available for up to at least Still, it is normal that when you complete intensive tricks with your years after the production of the scooter. In this manner, you can keep your freestyle scooter look shiny and new without a lot of hassle!