Stunt scooters

Micro Stunt scooters are developped for the tricks! No folding system, no height adjustment, just a strong board and a strong handlebar that makes it jump-proof. Lightweight materials, high quality bearings and wheels will let you enjoy the ride. And yes, it can bring you to your destination as well, but it's more about the ride itself. You can cruise the streets jumping from one sidewalk to another.

Recently, Micro started a collab with Chilli Scooters. Discover this PRO range here.

  • Beginners: (7-12y) models like Ramp and Trixx are the best to start with and taste the first tricks with Micro. Also discover the BASE PRO scooters at Chilli Scooters
  • Reaper (9+ y) models like Reaper and Reaper reloaded will get you further into tricks and are built stronger for higher jumps
  • (12+ y)High-end: The Chilli high end freestyle range to get the best out of you at the skatepark and in contests
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    Micro in the skateparks

    Kids and urban scooters are our main products. But we applied our know-how of scooter production to also develop high performance stunt scooters. Without compromises on quality, like on all our models. We use the best materials, respond the the highest standards and continuously improve our scooters by testing and testing. You can use it as a freestyle scooter or even go to school or visit friends with it.

    The range goes from smaller beginner models to larger and stronger pro models with attention to every part. The handlebars are generally relatively low in order to give the rider a bent forward, more aggressive position to easily handle your scooter while doing tricks and jumps.

    Chilli PRO Scooters

    Recently, Micro-Mobility started to collaborate with Chilli Pro Scooter. The brand stands for absolute passion for stunt scootering and 100% support for the sport. Chilli was founded in 2010 with the goal of developing a high-end stunt scooter lineup for all ages and skill levels. From children’s stunt scooters to professional stunt scooters, everything is there. To this day, research, development, testing and design is spent day in, day out to build always better and better stunt scooters..

    About Micro scooters

    Founded in Kuesnacht, Switzerland, Micro Mobility developped the idea of a lightweight folding scooter as an ideal tool for short distances. As a market leader, it kept improving the production quality of the scooters, with high-end bearings, resistant folding systems and a broad range in which every type of rider will find its perfect match. Whether you're just learning to scoot or need an upgrade on your older freestyle scooter, we have it all and can give you scooter advice if needed.