Micro Freestyle Beginners

Micro Stunt scooters are developped for the tricks! No folding system, no height adjustment, just a strong board and a strong handlebar that makes it jump-proof. Lightweight materials, high quality bearings and wheels will let you enjoy the ride. And yes, it can bring you to your destination as well, but it's more about the ride itself. You can cruise the streets jumping from one sidewalk to another. RAMP and Trixx are the best stunt scooters to start with and taste the first tricks.

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Why choose a Micro Trixx?

Learn your first tricks at young age! The lightweight perforated deck makes it easier, and is safe to land your feet on with its concave shape (1305g deck). Trixx 2.0 comes with pegs included to do even more scooter tricks.

Why choose a Micro Ramp?

At entry price level, yet with Micro quality, Micro Ramp is the ideal scooter for beginners, who start with easy and light tricks. The handlebar is low enough to control it for younger riders.

Spare Parts

At Micro, we make sure our scooters can last as long as possible by having every spare part available to fix your scooter, and this also includes our stunt scooter. You can order your spare parts and wheels online on our webshop, but in case you're not finding what you're looking for, don't hesitate to contact us and we'll be happy to help you out!