Micro Trixx 2.0, Ramp and Freeride was designed for youngsters who want to start out with freestyle and just need to jump with their scooters! Micro has the coolest scooters to start learning some basic tricks without compromising on quality. With their solid form and colourful design, they're also perfect for riders who want to be seen at the skatepark.

  • Age: 5-12y
  • Deck: max 100 kg load
  • Weight: 3,7-4,9 kg
  • Wheels: 100 mm, high quality PU
  • Handlebar: 46-51 cm wide, one piece bar
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    4 Items

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    Why choose a Micro Trixx?

    Learn your first tricks at young age! The lightweight perforated deck makes it easier, and is safe to land your feet on with its concave shape (1305g deck). Trixx 2.0 comes with pegs included to do even more scooter tricks.

    Why choose a Micro Ramp?

    At entry price level, yet with Micro quality, Micro Ramp is the ideal scooter for beginners, who start with easy and light tricks. The handlebar is low enough to control it for younger riders.

    Why choose a Micro Freeride?

    Micro Freeride is designed for riders who like to cruise in the street. Thanks to the wider wheels it is more stable, and the braking is more efficient going downhills. You will be able to tackle winding slopes and maneuver while remaining great balance around the skate-park.