Better Urban Lifestyle - the vision of MICRO Mobility



We believe... that Micro scooters can be a major player in the (green) mobility of many people. Think about daily commuting or traffic with train, tram, bus and/or taxi where you often need to travel a short distance. From the station to work or school, from the bus stop to home, and so on. These distances are ideal to fully enjoy your Micro scooter. The helpfull will be naturally linked to the pleasant driving experience and moreover you will be faster at your destination. Due to the innovative folding system of our Micro scooters it is easy to store and take with you during public transport. 






We believe... that  Micro scooters are ideal for discovering new places and towns. Take your Micro scooter, do a trip with the kids and discover what the nature has to offer. Also on a citytrip our Micro scooters are ideal to move around. Ride from one attraction to another without having to take a crowded bus or subway. Save time, stress and be healthy!


We believe... that the Micro Luggage can assist travelers in a pleasant journey. Do you frequently take the plane or train and you often have to drag with all your material? Then our Micro Luggage is the ideal conveyance. Due to its convenient storage suitcase with separate compartment for laptop you can just take whatever you want without too much dragging. The storage suitcase is easily mountable to the step, and can also be used as a trolley. The perfect luggage!





We believe... that Micro scooters can help you on your way to a healthier lifestyle. You have no time to do the recommendend 30 minutes of sports each day? Just take your scooter to go to work or to the store. These small efforts will be appreciated by your body and you feel immediately a lot better!